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      Company Profile


      The products of Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd. is designed to meet the specific needs and goals.


      Every kind of products are widely developed, the latest electronic and electrical technology, innovative idea and long-term practice knowledge and experience.


      The company depends on our staff, attitude, professional skills and knowledge, and in the electric power and electronic science, has many years of professional experience in product design and production processes, so as to enable us to research, develop, produce and sale the high performance products that help customers get advantage in its field.


      Through close cooperation with the customers, we can continue to develop the products in accordance with the special requirements of users.


      We have passed the ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, OHSAS18001 certification, which reflects our concerns about product quality, environment, occupation health.


      All of our products, from raw materials to finished products have to undergo a series of rigorous testing, the customers can have confidence in our products and services.


      Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd., parts suppliers to your trusted!

      Contact Information:

      Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd.

      South 4F, No.25 Xiangyue road, Xiangan Park, Torch Hi-tech Zone, Xiamen, P.R.C


      Phone:+86 592 7806066,7806566


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